Local Group Polices

By mikedyne ·
Hi all,

I'm trying to get some local user configuration group policies to apply to one of our desktops.

I have set all the options using gpedit.msc.
I have set read/write permissions for all users on the grouppolicies ANC list.

The policies just aren't applying, and I can't figure it out!

Any ideas?

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Try Windows Steady State

by nepenthe0 In reply to Local Group Polices
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Is the OP a network administrator or a home user?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Try [i]Windows Steady Sta ...

Is OP configuring via ADS for corporate purposes, or just sharing machines at home?

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I'm a...

by mikedyne In reply to Is the OP a network admin ...

Tech Support person, so neither!

I have been tasked to lock down this one system as it is going to be used for internet access only for our warehouse staff.

We just don't want anybody messing with it - mainly to keep the amount of time dedicated to supporting it at a minimum.

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Try just using Control Panel Local Security Policy

by cain1 In reply to I'm a...

I'm not sure what exact steps you are taking in gpedit, but you should just have to log in with local admin account and make changes through control panel\administrative tools\local security policy.

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This is what I'm doing...

by mikedyne In reply to Try just using Control Pa ...

but it still doesn't work.

It might be worth noting that it is working nicely for local user accounts, but not at all for domain accounts. I should have stated this in my OP really.

Thing is, it USED to apply the settings to the domain accounts, but now it does not. Nothing has changed on our network either. I'm baffled!

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Steady state only works on stand alone computers

by Dumphrey In reply to I'm a...

not domain computers.
If you know the local policy you want to apply, simply log on to the computer and set it up through local security policy. This seems the simplest method since you are discussing a single machine.

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