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local hard drive problem

By arqam_umar ·
i have 2 hard disk. 1 c and 1 d. d is working fine but c always whenever i close the computer or wait for 5 min or so, these files keep on coming up and take all my space left. i delete them and then they just come back. they are called kazaa, kazaa lite, shareaza, gnucleus. edonkey2000, emule, warez p2p network, etc.
how can i permamently delete them?
plz help

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by jf555 In reply to local hard drive problem

Your computer is infected with Internet pests and spyware. You need to use several pest removers such as Pest Patrol, Ad-Aware, Spybot, SpySubtract, install all of them, update all of them with the latest updates anthen DISCONNECT your network cable, scan with all of these programs, select all, remove all and repeat the procedure several times with each until there are no more, then reboot when requested and then finally can reconnect to the internet. Good luck

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by dmiles In reply to local hard drive problem

If after you've downloaded some free software you may have agreed to hidden terms allowing certain companies to monitor your internet usage. You start getting those annoying ads popping up on your screen, and Internet Explorer seems to have a mind of it's own. most likely you've been infected with Spy Ware and/or Ad Ware!

Try SpyWare C.O.P. now and see for yourself if your PC is infected?
To stop or remove Kazaa ads, Kazaa should be removed in accordance with the manufacturers license. Remove Kazaa by clicking the 'Start' menu, then select 'Control Panel' and open the 'Add/Remove Programs' option. Find 'Kazaa Media Desktop' in the list of programs, click 'Change/Remove' and follow the prompts to remove Kazaa.

If Kazaa is not listed in Add/Remove Programs or to be absolutely sure there are no remaining components use Noadware to completely remove Kazaa from your system. Noadware is the recommended adware and spyware removal tool to safely remove Kazaa as well as any spyware and adware that may be on your system. You may be surprised at what privacy intrusive software are uncovered.

NoAdware Site Download NoAdware

Other adware/spyware remover software that can also delete Kazaa from your system:

Spyware Eliminator is a comprehensive adware and spyware removal utility that can deep scan your computer system to find any spyware that may be hidden. It performs multiple testing procedures on each file it scans to determine if it's spyware. Extra features include online updates, easy to use wizards, scheduled scanning, protection against new spyware and adware installing on your PC and more.

Pest Patrol is a complete anti-hacker utility that blocks pest software from installing onto your computer system, and will get rid of any already hidden there. Pest Patrol was a PC Magazine Five Star Utility.

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by ptreadway In reply to local hard drive problem

Before you run the adware,turn off the system restore.If not it will all come back.

Hope this helps.

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by ReWrite In reply to local hard drive problem

Before running any spyware removal go to the Add/Remove Programs screen and see if any of them are listed there. Always do a removal from there first. If you run a spyware removal tool before doing the program removal the program's uninstall will not work.

After you uninstall the applications you can then run a spyware removal tool. There are many good applications available, both commercial and free. I use AdAware and SpyBot Search and Destroy (both free). Here are links to each:



Install either (or both) and do an update before running them. That should be it.



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by wlbowers In reply to local hard drive problem

Turn off system restore if it is used in your os.

Download, update, and run the following.

Your Antivirus Software.

If you don?t have a current antivirus You can get a free copy of Computer Associates etrust EZArmor.

Spybot: Cootie Remover

Ad-Aware: Cootie Remover

Stinger: Virus Specific Remover
This item will not update through the program. You have to download the new version.

CWshredder: Trojan and Toolbar Cootie Remover
Look for the file in English CWShredder.exe


ProcInfo provides you with a quick overview of all currently running processes and displays detailed information for a lot of them.

There are programs that will provide you with information about what is running on startup or what is loaded currently.


StartUpList is information only. Startup, Registery, and others. You can?t fix anything from within the program.

Hijack This:

Hijack This
This program is useful in that it shows what is currently loading on startup. You must know what is good and what is bad. Once you check it and fix it is gone. So be sure. Items you are not sure of do a Google search for them.


Winaudit does an extensive audit of you computer. Complete list of installed software, dll, and other good stuff.


Everest (This replaced Aida32)

Everest used to be Aida32. Good system information.

Run Your Antivirus again

Download and install all OS updates.

I have had to boot into safe mode and run the removal programs.

Good Luck Lee

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