Local machines not able to resolve names through Local DNS

By NateMc ·
First time posting with Tech Republic so hopefully I have posted in the correct area.

I am having an issue with Windows 2003 DNS server. I have set up the server and entered some DNS name resolution entries into the server. When using Internet Explorer on the server I am able to type the DNS name and get to the correct IP address. (I tested using router.testbed.pri associated with my internal IP address for the router)

My problem appears when I try and reach the same location from any other computer on the internal network. I have set the static DNS server ip address in the router and refreshed connections. When I check ipconfig /all on the remote machine the correct internal DNS server is listed along with two other DNS servers below it. When I attempt to find router.testbed.pri I am unable to resolve the name. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the wall of text ;p

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Problems with DNS

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Local machines not able t ...

I suggest that clients only resolve IPs via the Windows 2003 DNS. Then any outside entries are resolved by forwarders to the router's DNS if internal ones fail. Then you are guaranteed to get the address you require.

On client machines, having multiple DNS entries does not necessarily mean than it will check each one in turn, they are only there if the first DNS is unavailable and times out, it will try the second DNS address and so on.

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And this leads me to a stupid question

by NateMc In reply to Problems with DNS

Thanks P.J. for the quick response. This leads me to the stupid question of:

On my test server I have set up the router to give the IP address of my 1 internal DNS server. I set up forwarding so that anything it cannot answer it will forward to the root DNS servers and yet, my laptop is somehow finding DNS addresses for two other DNS servers. I have checked the configuration of the laptop (in ip v4 and ip v6 properties) to ensure it is receiving the IP via DHCP as well as checked my router setup. How might I be able to 'isolate' my laptops DNS options down to my one internal server?

Extra info: DNS servers are sequential so it looks like probably my ISP DNS servers? They are showing up both on a Windows Vista Laptop and a Desktop running XP.

Thanks again for the patience

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to And this leads me to a st ...

Yes, it is most likely your ISP dns addresses.
DNS works like a tree, it will keep moving from one DNS server to another until it eventually resolves the name. The only way to only look at local dns is to remove the forwarders, but it would not recommend that.

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Found the problem

by NateMc In reply to DNS

I figured I would post a followup reply with the solution to the problem I was having. It seems that some Linksys Routers bundle up DNS and DHCP jobs into one radio button on the router firmware. When I set up my DNS server in my live environment it was running a NetGear Prosafe router which has the ability to turn off DNS Proxy services independently and still take care of the DHCP role.

So in sum, I enabled a static DNS on the Linksys router but behind the scenes it was still passing two ISP DNS servers to my workstations. Netgear works fine, and Linksys would work fine assuming you offloaded DHCP jobs to your server (which may be a good idea anyways)

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