Local Network after VPN / RDP can't ping or connect to servers

By djpratt ·
A local home lan has 192.168.1.x for ip's. A wyse smart terminal with empedded xp seems to vpn and rdp into a terminal server just fine. The user would like a Apple Mac mini to use. The Mac vpn connects but the RDP doesn't, nor can I ping any servers on the remote site. The only thing I see that may cause the problem is the local lan is 192.168.1.x and the remote vpn site ip's are 192.168.1.x.
There's an option on the Mac nic properties to send traffic to vpn. That doesn't appear to work.

I'd like the apple mac to work. I don't understand why it won't when the Wyse Smart Terminal does work?

Any Help Is Appreciated,


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by robo_dev In reply to Local Network after VPN / ...

"The Mac VPN connects but the RDP doesnt"

You say you're connected but cannot ping anything...clarify what that means.

What VPN are you using?

What solution are you using for RDP? Is this the 'Remote desktop Connection for MAC' software going to Windows TS?

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Clarification More

by djpratt In reply to Clarify:

The Mac VPN means:
- The Mac is using the vpn client built into the mac o/s
- The RDP means the Mac RDP for macs
- The RDP doesn't connect means it doesn't connect to the TS

I didn't say cannot ping anything.
- I said can't ping anything on the remote servers after VPN
- This means I can't RDP into a TS at
- Which means I can't ping

Anyway, at this point i've gone back to the Smart Terminal. Yet, it would be nice to know the solution if it's anything other than two identical class C's for lans won't work together.



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If both your lan

by Dumphrey In reply to Clarification More

and the remote network are on the same subnets, this will confuse the computer as to which interface to send traffic (net card vs vpn interface). The first thing I would try is change the subnet on your LAN to anything other then

Also, is the vpn client importing the DNS server information for the remote site?

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