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Local PC Right

By narayan.prajapati ·
After connecting to domain my windows 2000 PC
can not have right to see system date, software installation and network properties.
I am logon with domain user. How can I give this right on my PC.


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by trustfundbaby In reply to Local PC Right

You have to change your permissions for your account/group on the Domain controller for your Domain. You can't do it locally (on your computer) unless it is the domain controller (and how likely is that?)

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Local PC Right


When you are logging on to the domain, you are logged on with *domain* rights. To see what you want to see, you need to have *local* administrative rights. You have two options:

1. Your domain account needs to be added to the local PC's administrator group. This means your domain account, which as you say, belongs to the default 'domain user' group, should be given administrative rights locally i.e. on that PC.

2. You create a local account (i.e. an account created on the PC that you want to install/change settings on), give that account administrative rights and then you logon locally, using that account you just created and not with your domain account.

It does not matter if you logon to the domain as the high and mighty administrator, if your account does not have local admin rights, you cannot locally install applications/change settings locally.

Good luck

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Hi Friend

by pradeep_temp In reply to

First i would like to tell thanks, because i am searching for the same query which i saw from ur profile.

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Local Admin Rights

by ditaliaander In reply to Local PC Right

Are you a network admin that is reluctantly giving our local admin rights to end users, simply becuase some apps require these to run successfully? You are compromosing the security of your network! For an elegant solution have a look at or contact

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