Local printer not installing on remote using remote desktop connection

By crovildeene ·
Hoping someone can help. I have a laptop running Windows Vista home premium and a desktop running Windows XP. An HP deskjet 450 printer is connected to the laptop via a usb port. The printer properties on the laptop show that the printer is using the DOT4 port. Everything prints fine if I am working locally.

I can successfully connect remotely to the desktop and run all programs I need to. However, I cannot send anything from the remote computer to my local printer.

I confirmed that the printer option is activated in the local devices configuration for the remote desktop connection on the local machine. I also ran the fix it for me app from within this post.;en-us;302361#FixedAlways

But still the local computer is not showing up when I am in a remote desktop connection session. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I think you'll find there that the HP Deskjet 450

by OH Smeg In reply to Local printer not install ...

Doesn't support this Remote Print Option.

You'll need to use a different printer on this computer if you need to print from it while connected remotely.


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It used to work when both the local and remote were XP machines

by crovildeene In reply to I think you'll find there ...

Thanks for your response! I used to remote from an XP laptop to the same XP desktop all the time, with the HP Deskjet 450 connected to the laptop, and had no problems printing while connected remotely. I'm thinking it's a Vista to XP problem, but can't figure out how to fix it (short of getting rid of Vista and installing XP on the laptop).

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have you tried

by Sue T In reply to It used to work when both ...

installing the printer on the laptop? You should be able to see it when you browse for it. It is possible that the driver for that printer is not installed on your laptop and that is why you can't print. Here are 2 links that may help you.
Good luck.

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I will try

by crovildeene In reply to have you tried

The remote computer is an XP machine. The local machine is a Vista machine. All works fine when I am printing from Vista - it's when I am connected to the XP machine remotely that the problem occurs. I will try what's in the links - adjusting for XP navigation, and hope for a good result. I will give this a try as soon as I can get access to the computers (the person is now away on business).
Thanks for your help.

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Try installing the printer driver locally

by 1bn0 In reply to Local printer not install ...

on the XP machine. It probably doesn't recongise the driver insatlled on the Vista machine as a valid xp driver and does not have an XP driver locally to insatll it itself.

RDP to a terminal server often has the same issue.

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On the right track

by lmayeda In reply to Try installing the printe ...

1bn0 is correct. Both the server (your XP) and your laptop (Vista) must have the same printer driver in order for your laptop to be able to print in remote mode. In addition to adding the Vista printer driver for your HP onto the XP, you may have to create an additional printer definition on your laptop using an LPT port. First, share your current (laptop) printer definition and give it a short sharename such as: HP450. Then create another printer definition (HP450XXX) with the same settings except assign its port to LPT2. Then in Command Prompt, issue the following command:
Net Use LPT2: \\laptopname\HP450 /persistent:yes
Where: you substitute your computer name for "laptopname".
This should work for you.

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Will try this too

by crovildeene In reply to On the right track

As soon as I can get access to the two computers (person is away on business). Thanks!!!

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