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    Local Printing over Terminal Service Connection


    by jbencsik ·

    So I have a user at an office that’s connecting to a terminal server at another location. They have an HP laserjet 1350 connected via USB to the local machine and are needing to print to it from their ts session. The printer was showing up connecting via the dot4 port and not a virtual usb or prt port. This was initially a problem but I did the redirection registry tweak to fix.

    Problem is, I’ll logon to the terminal server while the user is connected, I’ll add the printer to the server, and the user will be able to print with no problems. When they log off and log back on though, the printer still shows up on the terminal server, but they are no longer able to print to it because of the lost connection. I then need to hop back on to the server, remove it, then re-add it for it to work.

    Once the user logs back on to the TS, shouldn’t the connection to their local printer be restored? This is driving me batty.

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