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Local Security and Group Policy

By jtoering ·
I am setting up a computer for use as a Law Library in the County Jail. As such I need to lock down the user accounts, but still be able to log in as admin and update the programs they will be using. The computer is not on the domain, and will never be on the domain for obvious reasons. The system doesn't even have a NIC in it. I have been looking through the forums here and seen a lot of questions about this, but not many answers. I am running Windows XP Pro on the system and think a Kiosk mode for the users would be best as they only need access to two apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Local Security and Group ...

Well as I read your question and this may not be correct but I take it that all the Law Library Files will be stored locally right?

That is on the HDD in that machine.

I've never run into this type of installation previously as every Law Library access point has been a Web Page from my previous experience with links into the major Law Centres generally run by either the State or Federal Government as they are the ones who make the Law and make it available on line.

But if you are storing these files locally you don't need anything more than just the User Accounts setup as Limited Users as they will only need to be able to access the data nd they don't need to change anything or install anything so with Normal User Rights this should be sufficient. About the Admin Account I would rename it to something different and have a very strong password on it but as this is a stand alone unit that doesn't really matter much I suppose as if they muck it up they will be the ones to suffer and the cons inside tend to have low opinion of people who screw with their play toys or tools that may allow them out of the place.

You might have 1 or 2 instances of the machine being mucked up but after that the offenders will be taught a lesson and will leave the unit alone. Provided that they can print off what they need there shouldn't be any problems.


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by jtoering In reply to Local Security and Group ...

You are correct, the files are stored locally.
I would love to just set them up as a limited user and be done with it but they do not leave it alone or respect the use of it. The system is on a cart that moves from unit to unit within the jail so they use it to send messages and such to each other. They also tend to go into anything they can and change settings, so I need to lock them out of everything I possibly can to avoid having to spend all day, every day fixing the damn thing.

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