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    Local Security Policy in WinXP Prof. Administrator issues


    by tokunbo007 ·

    I was doing some reading ups on the above(topic) and trying to figure things out.

    1) Example: what I want to do is to restrict access to users from running any installed application on the PC, except the default allowables in the ‘additional rules’ path etc. I just want ‘internet exlplorer’ only to be working(so that ppl can access the web) since it runs from the default.

    so im Logged in as Administrator. I set default security level to ‘disallowed’, and ‘enforcement’ (software restriction policy) set to “All users except local admins”; why is it that these settings apply to me as an Admin. No application is running, with me as Admin even notepad. I thought such a setting is supposed to apply to “users”.

    2) if i were to use an ‘unrestricted’ setting and add some rules for a specific computer user, is it possible to change the prompt msg from :

    “Windows cannot open this program bcos it has been prevented by a software restriction policy..for more inform, open event viewer or contact the admin”

    to something more tushy like.. “stop that. You can only access the internet on this computer…”

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