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    Local System Information Gathering


    by larkinbf ·

    In performing physical inventory’s it’s always nice to use a software solution to obtain a complete list of Hardware and Software information. Though a software package can be costly. In an effort to avoid these costs, I have turned to VB to obtain the specific desktop information I need both Hardware and Software. I have been able to successfully put together a VB script to prompt for some customer information, automattically grab both specific hardware and software information and load all of it into a comma delimited file that I could then load into a SQL database.

    My Problem is that the VB code that I found and modified for this use is limited to only capture software installed through MSI. I am looking to get a complete lising of software names and version numbers only.

    Any Suggestions on how I can attain this information without purchasing any additional software? The information is obviously stored on the desktop, its just a matter of getting it out using some form of coding (VB in this case).

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      by techrepublic ·

      In reply to Local System Information Gathering

      Here are the most common ones:
      Add Remove Programs
      Scanning for certain files/dlls.

      Jim Davis

      Network Inventory and Configuration Management

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      by tozeboy ·

      In reply to Local System Information Gathering

      Hi Lark,

      I think we can do som info exchange, i’ve also managed to put assembly a vbs thar buils a word document with the entire system info from the machine where it runs, actually more info that i really need, but i would need to have a final TXT file to import it to sql.

      wana share solutions?


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