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Local Users&Groups Doesn't C Local Admin

By JakeHero ·
I have some workstations that are members of a workgroup. I went to check the attributes of the local administrator account and found that it's a member of the local users group and the local administrators group.

I tried removing it from the local users group, and got an error message that states, "The specified account name is not a member of the local group." and yet it's listed as being a member.

I can login locally with the local administrator account, but can't login remotely with it.

MSKB and TechNet don't have anything on this issue and would like to collaborate with my TechRepublic peers to see if anybody has heard of such a thing and might have a solution to it.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Local Users&Groups Doesn' ...

Ok. Just a few things to go over.
Machines in a workgroup mode do not share a centralized user account database, like AD in Win2K. Each machine member of the Workgroup has its own local accounts, and it does not share them with any other Workgroup machine. So, the Administrator account on MACHINE1 is technically different from MACHINE2.
The usual trickk, though, is to make the passwords for all Administrator accounts on all Workgroup machines have the EXACT SAME password. Then you are able to map drives amongst them. Technically, you are tricking the target system doing this, but it works.
Now, normally the Adminstrator account only belongs to the local Administrators group, and by association the Authenticated Users group. So, there was no need to add the local Administrator account to the Users group. It already was a member.
So, even if you were to manage to remove it from the Users group, it will STILl belong to it. So I say you just leave it alone.

>but can't login remotely with it.
Not sure what you mean by this.

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by JakeHero In reply to


Thank you for helping me keep it straight. I've got so much going on here that I completely overlooked the fact that File and Printer sharing has to be enabled for me to connect remotely. It all makes sense now. Still I'm bothered by not being able to remove the local administrator account from the local users group. I don't know why only a handful of machines are configured this way, but I'm going to have to conclude that it's not something indicative of future problems.

Thank you for answering my question. Definitely worth the 200 points you'll receive for it.

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by JakeHero In reply to Local Users&Groups Doesn' ...

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