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Locate any Cell Phone/Cell Phone Number!

By mak1515 ·
Because of the demand of Cell-phone, antennas are everywhere in our society. After few days of research, I found out we are not only can be monitor our everyday lives by Credit Card but also with our Cell-Phone (# of People owned a cell-phone is much higher than Credit Card.) I know they will use 3 points method to locate the precise location of the cell, just like GPS System. More scary is Governments has forced the manufactures to include the GPS function in the newest Cell. Gov'ts still haven't decide any restrictions over it (Just like when the internet started).
I am very interest in such topic, and how to prevent it with the newest cell-phone. If somebody had been DIY a device, please share your advice and knowledge! Any comments to this topic are welcome!

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Making a big deal over nothing

by jdclyde In reply to Locate any Cell Phone/Cel ...

In case of an emergency when you are trapped in your car and no idea where you are, you will be happy that this can be done.

No one is tracking you without a reason.

Best way to keep from being tracked, don't give someone a reason.

Second best way is to go with the disposable prepaid phones we have been hearing about so much lately.

guess you could always pick up an issue of 2600.

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Only If We Are Peaceful Being!

by mak1515 In reply to Making a big deal over no ...

In the case of emergency, I adsolutely agree with you. But what if someone like your friend / enemy / Stalker wanted to track you down. Like this: And is not hard to DIY a device to do that.
Also, I am not sure if we talk about the same kind of prepaid phone, but here is a example link to show how easy a prepaid phone can be track:**0a9a010vgnvcm1000004eecbccdrcrd.html
Thanks for your comments!

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Busting people

by jdclyde In reply to Only If We Are Peaceful B ...

Having an affair? Turn your Cell phone off. You can reasonably assume that over half of all phone calls made from pay phones today are by people having an affair and don't want the call logged.

"OnStar" has already been used to bust people having their affair.

Did you know they also sell a device (about $300) that has a GPS recorder on it? Stick it on the inside of the bumper and let it go for a week. end of the week, take it off, plug it into your computer, and you know where that vehicle has gone and how long it was in each location. I guess it is acurate to within 300 yards.

Wish I had one of those when I suspected my wife was messing around!

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I agree with you...

by teri.reynolds In reply to Busting people

You're so right and I completely feel where you're coming from. Isn't it possible, though, to use my current GPS to track the recent whereabouts of our vehicle (mostly used by him) to track him/her? Excuse my "newbie ignorance" please, but I'm not a comp. genius and also would like to think I wouldn't NEED to do this,......BUT IF I WANTED TO JUST TO BE SURE.????

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Federal government uses cell phones to track location

by stevea In reply to Making a big deal over no ...

The primary use of cell phone technology for law enforcement is to track individuals' locations by their cell phones. The government has agents on location in the big cell phone companies' offices. They can easily triangulate the current location of any cell phone that's turned on. "Suspects" are routinely tracked this way.

Don't give the government any reason to consider you a "suspect".

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And actually was useful for a while

by jdclyde In reply to Federal government uses c ...

in tracking Bin Laden until the tratorous actions of the media so kindly enformed him and the rest of the world that the US WAS tracking him like this and was closing in on the early days in Afganistan.

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Darn that traitorous media

by stevea In reply to And actually was useful f ...

All they care about is interfering with our brave leaders. They love terrorists. They want all Americans to be blown up as soon as possible.

I say that our brave leaders should be able to do ANYTHING THEY WANT. If you're not guilty of something, there should not be a problem.

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Questioning your honesty

by jdclyde In reply to Darn that traitorous medi ...

Do YOU really have a problem with out military monitoring cell phone converstation that are going on completely in war zones?

Are you so partisan that you think it is wrong to sit in Afganistan and monitor enemy communications locally?

You are either partisan or stupid. Or stupid enough to be partisan?

This has NOTHING to do with the recent monitoring in the US, just in case you didn't pay attention. This was OUR MILITARY sitting in the middle of a war zone, monitoring local enemy communications.

DAMN the traitorous media, and each and everyone that would support them for exposing what our military is doing ON THE BATTLEFIELD.

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stupid question

by teri.reynolds In reply to Questioning your honesty

I have a stupid question, i know there's no such thing, but anywho..
define "partisan" for me please. ...because I'm too lazy to look it up and I'm already on this particular board, and I'm trying to getin on this conversation 'cuz I have no friends and don't do chat rooms and I don't know **** about politics and am trying to educate myself and my foul mouth and.....
you bff,

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Not a stupid question,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to stupid question

but an ill-advised admission on your part:

"define "partisan" for me please. ...because I'm too lazy to look it up ..."

Welcome to TR. As a word of advice, we're not big on lazy around here. As a technical community, we expect members to try to help themselves first before they ask for help, not after. You could have entered

define partisan

in Google in less time than it took you to post your question.

"I'm trying to getin on this conversation ..."

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