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locate ip address

By makbar ·
HI guys,

I would like to know is it possbile to find someone EXACT location through an IP address.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to locate ip address

only way i know of to give out exact address via ip address is if you have it listed in your domain 'whois' public information. but that takes a domain name, not its ip address. check out your domain name with 'whois' at i wouldn't worry so much about protecting my ip address from exposure as i would worry about accidently giving my domain name to hacker. like in my email address.

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by daimon In reply to locate ip address

Hi Ken,

I shouldn't worry too much about getting exact location of a person through their IP address. If for instance you are looking for a person based on their IP, then the previous post using Internic's Whois database can help you. Alternatively a downloadable (demo version (30 time limit?)) of Visual Route would help a great deal although it will not give you a street address, often you can find out the ISP the person is using.

However, to get the exact information you would technically need to get into the ISP's computers and look at the client data, their username would be required to know, and that would have their address (probably) but this would be (unless you are a CIA agent with a warrant for such information) most likely illegal for you to obtain. Most ISP's would have 'some' form of security on those databases.

If you are worried about someone locating you by "your" IP address then it basically goes by the same thing. Yes, they can 'probably' locate the country you are in. Possibly even the CITY, or suburb (based on the ISP location etc), but most of this is guess work, and isn't really very accurate.

You could try VisualRoute if your going to go hunting. But be very careful of just how far you wish to search for information as you may be violating state/federal laws for the country you are in. (Visual Route software can be found here).

The obvious dead giveaway however yes an email address usually leads to a domain this in turn has information listed about it at the InterNIC WHOIS database.

I hope this helped... Any more questions feel free to email/message me here.


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by Joseph Moore In reply to locate ip address

If you have an IP for someone, you can get the hostname for them, do a WHOIS and get things like the city/state/country the IP is registered in.
You can use tools like SamSpade to do this (
And traceroute tools can also help like previouly mentioned.
But, it is not an exact science. For example, look up an IP address owned by AOL,and they ALL will say the user is in Virginia. That is because IP locations are based off of where the registration information used. So,for AOL IPs, AOL is based in Virginia, so that is where the AOL IP blocks are all registered.
So, all AOL USA users come up as being in Virginia, when we know that is not correct. Sure, some are in Virginia, but most will not be!

But, since you can get the ISP that ownes the IP address, that is a much more reliable power. You then have someone you can call if you need more specific information for a lawsuit, for example.
Say that you learn that IP X hacked your web server on a certain date/time. Your lawyers can take the WHOIS info for the IP, contact the ISP that is in the WHOIS info, and then in the ISP records THEY can track down which client of theirs had the IP at the specified date/time.

This is how hackers get caught.

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by Net Designer In reply to locate ip address

I use this one:
Use Network Lookup to find who IP belongs to.

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