Locate wireless switch.

By wraykjb1611 ·
How do I find the wireless switch on a Dell
Diminsion 3000 desktop computer?

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What Are You Attempting to Do?

by TheChas In reply to Locate wireless switch.

I'm reasonably certain that there is no physical switch on the computer to either enable or disable wireless networking.

In fact, for most desktops, you need to install an adapter so that you can access a wireless network.

Please tell us what you are specifically attempting to do, and the full model number of the Dell Dimension system so that we may provide you with the correct advice.


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Trying to Setup wireless internet connection.

by wraykjb1611 In reply to What Are You Attempting t ...

Thanks for response, I am trying to connect
to Linksys satellite.
Dell Diminsion 3000 Win XP OS SP2
Have WRK54G Broadband Router
and wireless G adapter
Wireless Zero Configuration from MS says check, make sure wireless switch is on.
I would like to connect via satellite.
I am new to wireless setups. Didn't think
I had to setup by MS thought disc that came with router would do the job for me. Again
thanks for any help. Novice

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compaq R3000 wi-fi switch location

by wangofrog In reply to What Are You Attempting t ...

I'm a new member,joined yesterday to find out info on R3000.
I have just completely stripped my R3000 and the wi-fi switch is located on the end of the graphics card nearest the front of the laptop.
It is under the speaker unit that can be detached from the chassis.
The switch that you press has not been fitted but i am going to drill a small hole on the front of the chassis outer frame directly inline with the end of the switch head and use a small screwdriver to turn it on and off untill i can design something else.
Ihope this helps someone out there,if you need any more info on this model i am going to fit a wi-fi card and hunt down the drivers needed to install it then post them on here later,

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I don't advise poking a screwdriver into a LIVE laptop! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to compaq R3000 wi-fi switch ...

Just as I wouldn't advise anyone to try and start their car by shorting out the two terminals on the starter-motor solenoid. It works but ONLY once !!

Laptop components and data tracks are far too closely packed for an errant screwdriver to go wandering about inside while power is coursing through them.

If you must do this I suggest you remove ALL the fluff from both ends of a cotton-bud and 'do the dirty' with the little (now-naked) plastic stick.

However, before stripping this poor R3000 down to it's component parts, had you tried the 'soft' way of switching on the wireless connection?

Just in the off-chance that the non-existent switch was 'ON' by default!

I've also never known a wireless card to be on the end of a GPU card. Any 'bleed' from the transmitter chip would surely interfere with screen images?


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compaq R3000 live laptop

by wangofrog In reply to I don't advise poking a s ...

Have you ever stripped a R3000 as i have,if you had you would know that there is no power of any kind at the very end of the GPU just a empty space where the wi-fi switch is suppose to go and the button to turn it on,it's not the card at the end of the GPU it's the switch,and yes i did check the 'SOFT'option and no the NON-EXISTENT SWITCH is not on by default, most of the posts on here indicate that they can,t turn the wi-fi on, because of this NON-EXISTENT SWITCH.
The screwdriver is just a way to test it and then get a switch to fit as i said in my post.
If you wish to criticise new members then please make sure that you know what you are talking about before you start (GRUMPY OLD MAN)
Enjoy the rest of your evening

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You sad little git W4NKOFROG !!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to compaq R3000 live laptop

As a self-appointed God of all things technical that you clearly think you are, busily stripping down your Compaq R3000 LAPTOP into its component parts, broadcasting your exploits and successes on TR in the fashion that you have, riding the tidal wave of your own self-importance - you failed to notice that you had tagged your infantile Post onto the end of a thread that was already over three months old and had started with an original post about a DELL DIMENSION 3000 Desktop Computer !!

So what makes you think anyone gives a sh!t about your R3000 laptop?

It doesn't even apply to this thread!

By the way - how did you manage to check the 'soft' option if by your own words "i am going to fit a wi-fi card and hunt down the drivers needed to install it then post them on here later."

So how did you check if the card was on by default when it doesn't even exist?

And what is this non-existent switch attached to then?

As for the reference to me being a GRUMPY OLD MAN - you better believe it kid!

From the way you are behaving on your first day - it is safe to say that I was dealing with computers when you were still a glint in your Dad's best friend's eye.

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by wangofrog In reply to You sad little git W4NKOF ...


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There isnt one

by tintoman In reply to Locate wireless switch.

Desktop computers do not come supplied with a wireless switch (no doubt someone will prove me wrong) generally thet do not come supplied with wireless ability anyway.
If your pc is meant to be wireless enabled then you should have an aerial sticking out the back or a plug in usb wireless device

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Don't worry, no-one is going to prove you wrong ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to There isnt one

The main reason why desktop units DON'T have a wireless switch is because of two reasons.

1. Desktops have to have a wireless PCI card fitted as an option, therefore while under construction there would be no point in extra expense fitting something that might never be used.

2. Desktops users, for obvious reasons, don't ever have to worry about running out of battery power (unless they're operating an Internet Tent just outside Marrakesh). The wireless switch on a laptop is to prevent the transceiver drawing power when not needed, thus the switch is usually also brightly illuminated as a warning.

The reference to the Marrakesh Internet Tent is genuine!! :)

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