Location inaccuracies on iPhone 5C

By tcouture1 ·
I have an older iPhone 5C and recently have been having increasing difficulty with the location services. I would expect GPS to be a bit inaccurate from time to time, and this is consistently the case.

However, I have had two problems recently that I cannot explain or find an answer for:

1. Recently my Uber search bar has been showing tons of locations as being in my "search history" (NOT trip history, but the search history in the drop down menu beneath the main search bar with a previously-searched icon beside them). However these locations are in cities I have never been to before (or never been to at all). After noticing this in one city that I had just arrived in for the first time, I tried other cities, including remote locations like Dubai, all of which I had never been to before, and found the same phenomenon. In random (not all) cities I checked, there were locations like hotels, restaurants, airports, etc. which appeared in my search history, but not in my trip history. Again, I had never been to any of those cities, so had no reason to search locations there.

2. My Google location sharing function seems to work only sporadically. It frequently shows me as offline when I have my location sharing turned on. This seems to mostly be the case when the app is closed, because when I re-open it, whoever I am sharing it with can see my position again. I do have location sharing enabled for the app at all times, not just when the app is active, so I am confused about what would cause this.

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