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Location of Drivers

By pzhamilton ·
I am planning to flatten a Windows ME machine and put Win98 on it. Where can I find a complete list of all the current drivers on that machine? Are they placed in a specific directory? I don't want to have problems trying to get drivers but am looking at a way of getting them prior to formatting? Help!!!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Location of Drivers

to answer your question, look in Device Manager. expand the different devices and write down driver name. in some cases, you may still need to examine card to get proper drivers. a little hassle but always do-able. even if you forgot to get this info before you started (much easier to do it your way tho) i think in ME device manager is in the same place as win98: control panel/system. write down these in particular:
cdrom (just to make sure it's not unusual)
what other peripherals? printer? scanner? network card? (write down tcpip settings) zip drive? backup tape drive?
if you replace, at least temporarily, the hard drive, you can always go back to the original hd and check what you forgot.
other things to remember to backup: mail messages and addresses. internet username and password and configuration info.
just get 98 on there. then go to windows updates and get all the critical updates. if you are lucky, you may be offered video, sound, network etc drivers there also. use those. then go after the rest at mfg's website or places like
get 98 on and patched/updated
get all critical updates except only put on internet explorer 5.5. get recommended updates re: Jet, virtual machine, ms security certificates, shutdown patch, mapped drives patch. get anything you understand, leave those you don't. except get the Jet patch. and the security certificates patch. leave upgrading to latest greates internet explorer until very end. i do recommend latest version on win98 but can be fussy as other programs want to screw up ie6 dlls.
get mail client on if other than outlook express.
get anti-virus on and patched/updated. and configured to auto update defs and to filter email.
get firewall software on and patched/updated
get office on and patched/updated
get netscape on and patched/updated
get latest messaging software on and patched/updated
you don't mention version of 98. you may need to get patches/support for usb installed.

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by TheChas In reply to Location of Drivers

You are wise to plan ahead.
Having the latest drivers on hand when installing an OS helps a lot.

Run a system inventory program such as Belarc Advisor.

This will give you a web page that lists all registered hardware and software as a web page that you can print out.

There are a number of other inventory programs out there.
Here is a link to another good program:

1 caution when installing updates to W98.
Make sure what version of DirectX is supported by the video driver.
DO NOT install a newer version of DirectX than is supported by the video driver.
On a related note: if the video driver is over 9 months old, I would NOT install IE6 either.


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by aquaris In reply to Location of Drivers


you will find many programs both freewares/sharewhares..

which not only will allow you to identify your devices/both known and unknown...and back up the drivers of those devices to a known case you need them again..

hope it helps

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by wlbowers In reply to Location of Drivers

If it is built by a major manufacturer you can find everything in their support section under the machines model number.

If it is a custom built as others have pointed out you can go into device manager and under each device write down the device and driver.

Now if the devices are major, creative, ati, ect. You can get their drivers by model number from their sites.

If you are unlucky enough to get the generic devices you can do a google search on the names you have copied from device manager.


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