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lock Desktop icon....

By ar8 ·
how to lock desktop icon, thats mean people can't move our desktop icon.....Or how to lock desktop but all icon is display....

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by Blackcurrant In reply to lock Desktop icon....


hmmm, well, the whole point of a desktop is that it can be personalised. I do not know how you can prevent a user (anyone) from 'moving' a desktop icon. I know if you set up a user with a limited account they will be unable to delete desktop icons.

I am interested to learn why you require this. Would you post it in a comment?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to

Thanks for your message. You say that you want to lock an icon on the desktop because you want to 'play movie as a desktop'. Do you mean you want the icon to be visible over a movie while it is playing? A sort of 'always on top' effect?

You say your friends say it can be done through the use of software - which software is it, and are your friends using the same operating system as you?

Like the last post here says - there is commercial software available, but it looks like you will have to pay for this functionality.

Out of interest - why do want an icon (or icons) to always be visible?

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by G... In reply to lock Desktop icon....

I don't think you can lock the desktop of a user (anyway without some big troubles) but you can lock the all user desktop that is displayed to all the users so they would have some icons and part of the menu they cannot change.
I'm not sure of how it's done (too long ago) but if I remember it right, the non admin users cannot change it and maybe you'd have to change some NTFS rights on the folder to unallow local admin to change them.

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by wcp In reply to lock Desktop icon....

Quick Google search showed that there are three kinds.

1. Registry Editing
Contrary to what it said, it did not work when I tried it.

2. File you can download from MS Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit
This feature does not seem available from Windows 2K or XP Resource Kit and maybe there is a reason.

3. Commercially available software.
I have not tried any so I do not have any recommendations. You may try some shareware before you buy one.

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by zlitocook In reply to lock Desktop icon....

Go to and use the search for "shared computer tool kit" With out the quotes. This will let you do any thing you want to a shared computer.

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