Lock Down Ethernet Dongle to Only One System?

By crayme ·
I work in a secured and air-gapped facility, where we do not allow any internet access on our SecureNet domain. The only way to access the internet directly from a local system is by having a dedicated system on our OpenNet domain. One domain can not see the other.

The issue I am seeing is many laptops do not have on-board Ethernet and many people have USB Ethernet dongles. The possible security issue is that one could take a dongle that was registered to an OpenNet system and plug it into a computer only meant to be on the SecureNet. This would expose any and all data on that SecureNet system to the outside.

My question is, is there any way to lock down an Ethernet dongle to a specific machine? The problem I see is that they are generally plug-and-play and do not care what system they are plugged in to. I am just trying to figure out a way that one of these dongles could be locked down, so that moving it from one computer to another, would not work.

Even if it meant buying a specialized Ethernet dongle with the capability to lock it down to a particular computer. I would appreciate any input or ideas for this.

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