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By Flasoft ·
Is there any application that I can use to lock flash drives. I run a computer lab and my students use flash drives to save their work. We do not allow then to take the drives home because of securiyt issue, now the thing is some sneak with then home and they bring music and viruses, so we want to stop this by installing an application that only allows the drives to be ONLY used in the computer lab..

Please help me...

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Not really

by TobiF In reply to lock flash drives

Much better to set up a file-server with a home-directory for each student.
And then use GP to lock down any attempt to connect USB memory devices.
(And then you can do back-up etc.)

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Checkpoint Pointsec Protector

by robo_dev In reply to lock flash drives

Does that very thing

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Any free apps that do the same thing?

by Flasoft In reply to Checkpoint Pointsec Prote ...

Thanks guys for your help. i really appriciate it.. But Is there any free application that io can download that does the same thing

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Even if you use some fancy cryptographic solution

by TobiF In reply to Any free apps that do the ...

to guard your data, you're not secured against someone popping in his very own USB flash memory, full of malware. He or she may even try to run something off his own usb stick.

You should at least enforce virus scanning on USB memories, whenever they're connected to the computer.
But much better is to disable them completely.
If you don't want your users to take their data home anyway, why not keep it secure on a server instead?

(and, perhaps, allow export of data in pdf-format to an email address?)

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Not to sound like a salesman for Checkpoint, but....

by robo_dev In reply to Even if you use some fanc ...

Pointsec Protector will not grant access to a USB drive that gets plugged into the device, nor to a floppy drive, CD-ROM, DVD, etc. It also blocks wireless adapters, bluetooth, and tethering to a phone.

However, it can allow write access to 'approved' USB media, and it will only write encrypted data to a removable device, for those who are permitted to do so. Also, it can be set, by policy, to allow a person to use a particular device, such as a digital camera.

Therefore, the salespeople who need to take a Powerpoint show on the road can do it, but it will be encrypyted. The program copies a copy of the decryption software to the media, so it can be used on another PC. It works the same way for CD or DVD data disks.

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Thinking out loud....this probably would not work but.....

by robo_dev In reply to Any free apps that do the ...

Encrypt the USB drives and only decrypt them in the computer lab.

I would guess with an open source encryption program such as TrueCrypt, you could create an encrypted partition as big as the USB drive capacity, and only you would have the encryption password.

The students could take the drive where they like, but unless they erase it altogether, they cannot use it outside the class, nor could they bring data into the class with it.

You could then run a simple VB script or batch to unlock it when they get to class, taking care not to reveal the unlock password to the students.

The script would give an error if the program tries to run on a drive that has no encrypted content. (such as if a student brought their own drive or re-formatted one of yours).

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