Lock up problem

By sgobbo22 ·
I need help with a lockup problem. We have a network of 10 computers. They are on a domain. Server is running server 2003. All computers are running XP Pro. All computers are restarted everyday, but one and of course the server.
Everyday, 10 hours after they are started, they lock up and have to be restarted. The computer that is not shut down, is locked up every morning.
We have put in new cables, new network cards, tried static ips and DHCP.
The computer that is on all night is a new computer. This problem started with it, so I replaced it, thinking the motherboard was failing. As time went on all computers started locking up.
We are running a pervasive database and I unistalled it and reinstalled.
As you can see I have tried everything I can think of. HELP!!!!

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As the problem only started after he last unit

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Lock up problem

Was added could it be a software problem where something is not accepting the 10 connected computers?

Depending on the version of 2003 that you are running do you have enough CAL's/Terminal Services Licenses for your needs and is it possible that these are not being released when a system logs off the LAN and then when they log back in you exceed your allocated number of Licenses?

Or could it be something to do with your pervasive database which isn't allowing the 10 connections and is forcing the system to shut down after a specified amount of time.

If you are sure that you are complying with M$ Licensing requirements you'll need to look at your D Base Application to see if it presents any restrictions and has a Licensing issue.

Of course as you didn't say about the number 10 machine if it was just replaced none of the above counts unless the old one is somehow remaining seen by the Server Application or D Base Application.

But if you went from 9 Workstations to 10 I would be looking at a Licensing Issues as the first alternative.


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Same issues

by jamie In reply to Lock up problem

Did you get this issue resolved? If so please help. I am experiencing the same problems.

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Success at last!

by sgobbo22 In reply to Same issues

Yes, I did get this fixed. It had to do with the pervasive database. I had to reinstall it. Don't know what happened, but it must have become corrupted. Make sure you do a backup of the database!

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