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By padum_1 ·
I hv a server base on Intel Xion pro..of DELL.
There r 24 clients.
My domain is located in MUMBAI.
one of the client fail to log on at his ID.
Message pop up Your ID lock ...Or contact Administrator.
Could any there chance to break the lock from the PC .
I can log on using defferent ID.

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by TG2 In reply to Lock User ID

Each user in windows is different.

If you and another client log in with different user names and passwords, his login id can be locked, and yours will still work.

If you both use the same username and password, if he mis-types the password 3 times or more, it will lock that ID and neither of you will get in.

A USER ID lockout can be Temporary (usually 15 mins) or can be permanent. This is something that only an administrator to the pc can set or control. (Active Directory/Group policies can be set from a domain server point of view, that too is administratively controlled)

The User Lock is not based on the PC you connect from. It is solely based on the USER ID.

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by davebkelly In reply to Lock User ID

Firstly you must have domain admin rights on the account that you can log on with. If you do not have domain admin rights then the following will not work........

If you do then this will work:

Download the server admin pack from Microsoft, Install it on your desktop PC and then, once its installed, goto Start/Programs/Administrative Tools/User and Computers

From here, you should be able to see the AD for the domain, find your user (by using the search). Open the users properties, choose the Account tab and untick the box that says "Account is locked out"..........

Then all that remains is to re-educate the user who locked the account in the first place !!!

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