Locked accounts

By trevor.stuart ·
I have a win 2000 Active directory... I also have some users trying to log into it getting account is locked error. However when I look at the clients account details show the account is not locked... I've waited a few hours, incase it's a replication issue, but some of these users still cannot log in. I've even deleted and re-created there accounts, but still no luck... Any ideas what could be causing this?
Clients are using XP Pro

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check pc's

by lowlands In reply to Locked accounts

Check the eventlog on the users PC's. Could it be possible they're using a local account instead of a domain account?

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I have seen similar issues for a few months

by w2ktechman In reply to Locked accounts

after one of the MS updates, dont remember which right now. But after resetting their PW's they are able to log in again.

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Log in times

by zlitocook In reply to Locked accounts

If you create their accounts check the times allowed to log in. You can specifiy when a user can login like 8AM to 6PM.

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by trevor.stuart In reply to Locked accounts

They are definetly trying to log into the domain, not the local PC account... They are set with no time restraint for logging in either...

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Permissions issue

by curlergirl In reply to Locked accounts

I've seen this happen with users due to a permissions issue on some resource that is being mapped or redirected during logon. The one specific time I remember this happening, it was because we had changed something on the user's local workstation and moved some of the files in his "My Documents" folder. This caused some permissions problems when logging on and thereby caused his account to be locked out immediately. I would check everything that is going on during logon such as mapped drives, redirected folders, etc., and make sure the users have the appropriate permissions to all of those resources.

Hope this helps!

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Network connections

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Locked accounts

Sometimes this issue is caused by the workstation having problems communicating with the Domain controller and thus trying to authenticate against the locally stored security cache instead of the updated and unlocked AF account. You might want to create a test account on AD with no permissions except logon. That way you can have users see if they can connect to the test account, if there's no connection to the Domain controller and there's no entry for the test account in the security cache on the workorder they will get an error message. If they are able to log in they can run some basic network tests to see if there are any problems. If you use Remote assistance software you can also remote in once the test account is logged on and run some checks yourself

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