Locked Custom Desktop

By webster.rantsolase ·
Good day folks, I would like to create a custom desktop for specific user groups, for instance take two groups first groups is finance and the second group is secretaries. Now I would like to have the finance group access a specific desktop with their own specific icons, which is different from the secretaries group. Say for instance the secretaries group only needs office, internet and e-mail, while the finance group needs those plus pastel and sap. Thank you for your time.

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So the Network Topography and OS in use Are? NT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Locked Custom Desktop
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Yes it's NT

by webster.rantsolase In reply to So the Network Topography ...

Server 2003 with clients on XP and Vista

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Domain or Workgroup?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yes it's NT

if it is Domain are you using Active Directory or Group Policies?

This can be done through GP but if you are not on a Domain or using GP that is pointless saying so.


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by webster.rantsolase In reply to Domain or Workgroup?

We are on a Domain, Active Directory and GP are right here, though I am new to AD I am pretty confident that I can find my way if you just point me in the right direction

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Folder redirection

by tmalo627 In reply to Domain

You can use a GPO for folder redirection for the users' desktops. If you don't want them to be able to change the icons there, make sure they have read, read and execute privileges, but no write, change, or modify to the folder you set up.

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Thank You

by webster.rantsolase In reply to Folder redirection

I have mucked around with folder redirection and getting the hang of it, I believe that this would work. Thank You All!!!

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