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locked drive win2k mac os92

By trevor_giggey ·

I am trying to backup some files from mac os9 to win2k adv server, i connect fine, create folders on win2k can access them from mac, when i copy files i get msg "cannot copy drive is locked" little lock in top corner.

How do i unlock volume? or folder?



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by kevmil In reply to locked drive win2k mac os ...

I suspect that your oonnection to the server might not have admin priveledges. Have you tried to use another way to get the files on to the server: like a floppy disk, flash disk etc? Without more information it is hard to answer. Where is the server? If you have direct access to the server you can try to copy using a floppy to see if taht works. Then you will have more of an idea of what to do to correct the problem. I would suggest that you upgrade to Panther or Jaguar. They have better networking built in to deal with the Windows world.

Good luck.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to locked drive win2k mac os ...

At least two things could cause this: lack of privileges on the
server, or a locked disk/file/folder in "Finder" on the Mac side.
Since you are able to create folders--do I understand this
correctly?--it's likely on the Mac side.

Finder locks the names of items on a network disk or folder as
well as shared items to prevent possible path problems.
Sometimes this causes them to behave as read only. Try
selecting the problem folder/disk, pressing cmd-i [the "Get Info"
command], and
unchecking the "Locked" check box to see if that is the case

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by YetAnotherAdmin In reply to locked drive win2k mac os ...

Can you delete the folders you have created? If not you may have read/write access to the share but not modify which will allow you to create folders but not change their contents. If it's only for backup purposes you should be able to organise files into folders on your Mac and then copy to the server share in one go. But get the permissions changed to rectify the problem.

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by hans.stiles In reply to locked drive win2k mac os ...

Right click on my computer on the server and choose manager

expand shares and right click on the mac volume - check it isn;t set to read only.

Complete pointless feature eh!

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