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    Locked Keyboard


    by rolfs ·

    I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop. The keyboard works fine when I log in under “guest”. When I log in as Administrator and press a key, the keyboard responds with a beep. Nothing else. The touch pad, however, works fine. I tried System Restore in both normal and safe modes, but the laptop was unable to restore to a previous date. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Mike

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      by rolfs ·

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      Try this one..

      by heludaye ·

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      Go to the control panel then open the accessibility, in accessibility you can see a keyboard,sound,display,mouse and general tab. Below keyboard tab you can see stick keys, filter keys, and toggle keys.Don’t check all the box.i think your problem is your using a stick keys..

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      You don’t say how far you get before it beeps …

      by older mycroft ·

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      In other words, when you log in as Administrator, does the login itself actually work? Does it take you to the Desktop?

      If it does, then WHERE does the keyboard start beeping?
      What are you attempting to do when it beeps?

      What operating system is installed on the Dell?

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        reply to Old Mycroft

        by rolfs ·

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        The Operating system is Windows XP Media Center Edition. The login works fine (no password) and takes me to the desktop, but any attempt to enter something in any text Window is not allowed. For instance Start->Run->Open : when you try to type, it just beeps

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