Locked out of admin account after deleting computer from Active Directory

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I am the local administrator for my network. I was cleaning up my AD list of computers and accidently deleted a computer I didn't want to delete. I went to the machine and could not login admin account under the domain or local computer. I unplugged the network cable and was able to login to the computer with the admin account. I then joined the computer to a workgroup I called Temp, with the intension of adding the computer back to the domain after rebooting. When I rebooted the computer the admin account was again locked out. I have tried loging in under administrator, domain\administrator, computername\adminstrator, etc. I am ready to f-disk the machine and reinstall windows. Any suggestions?

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Likely, you will need to

by The Scummy One In reply to Locked out of admin accou ...

login as local admin again, may need to reboot again.
Change the computername, and reboot again.
Then re-join it to the domain. The domain admin will have no permissions over the system if it is not in the domain.

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once you change the domain or workgroup settings

by CG IT In reply to Locked out of admin accou ...

that changes the administrator's account back to the original one used when installing the operating system. Even if you changed the administrator account name.

so you can try to use administrator with a blank password or administrator with the password assigned during setup. If either of these don't work, you can either use a password reset program or reinstall the O/S.

It's always a good idea if your doing to change the computer membership [workgroup/domain] to create a local machine adminstrator account and assign it a password. That way once you change it's membership, you've got an account to logon with.

note: once you deleted the computer from AD, you also deleted the SID and any other rights/permissions that computer had. You will have to recreate them.

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