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    Locked out of Bios


    by gwl ·

    I somehow have put a password into my bios and cannot get past it to boot the computer. Can anyone help me with this dilema?

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      by jschein ·

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      1. on the motherboard, there is a battery… next to the battery are 3 pins… 2 of then have a jumper connecting them. with the system off, move the jumper to the other 2 pins, wait 5 seconds, move back, and turn on.


      2. Unlpug from wall, remove battery from motherboard. Wait 15-30 minutes, put battery back, plug back in.


      Dell laptop – have to contact dell.

      Good luck.

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      by dmiles ·

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      Password cracking software

      The following software can be used to either crack or reset the BIOS on many chipsets. If your PC is locked with a BIOS administrator password that will not allow access to the floppy drive, these utilities may not work. Also, since these utilities do not come from the manufacturer, use them cautiously and at your own risk.

      Cmos password recovery tools 3.1
      !BIOS (get the how-to article)


      Using the Motherboard “Clear CMOS” Jumper or Dipswitch settings

      Many motherboards feature a set of jumpers or dipswitches that will clear the CMOS and wipe all of the custom settings including BIOS passwords. The locations of these jumpers / dipswitches will vary depending on the motherboard manufacturer and ideally you should always refer to the motherboard or computer manufacturers documentation. If the documentation is unavailable, the jumpers/dipswitches can sometimes be found along the edge of the motherboard, next to the CMOS battery, or near the processor. laptop computers, the dipswitches are usually found under the keyboard or within a compartment at the bottom of the laptop.
      Once you locate and rest the jumper switches, turn the computer on and check if the password has been cleared. If it has, turn the computer off and return the jumpers or dipswitches to its original position.

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      by lesdean ·

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      Most motherboards have a jumper on them that clears the bios settings. Refer to your mother board manual or go to the manufacturers website. Most times you have to set the jumper then apply power for a few seconds, set the jumper back the way it was and you should be fine. Make sure you take the all of ESD precautions and also make sure there is no power going to the mother board when you set the jumper. Hope this helps.

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      by pc_kahuna ·

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      The first three answers are dead on. The last resort if there is no jumper to short or the battery is welded to the board, is to remove the bios with a chip puller and reinstall it after several seconds.

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