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locked out of computer - domain changed?

By meagan.andrews ·
my lap top runs on win xp.
I am away from my office (and domain, network) and while attempting to connect to the internet in another office (and country) i have become locked out of my computer entirely (at startup when i enter user name and password access is denied - with a statement that either password or domain are incorrect)
The IT person in this office - to connect my computer modified in network settings the IP address (from automatic to a specifc address), WINS was left as automatic and DNS was also changed frm auto to a number. However no internet access was successful.

The computer was restarted and from that point on even when disconnected from the cable - my entry to my computer was denied.

Any suggestions on how to bypass this ctrl alt del start up procedure or any other alternatives would be very welcome.

thank you

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by RCOM In reply to locked out of computer - ...

A couple of possiblities. Is your profile stored on the server at you work? Is your work or local domain name listed in the box below the login and password. If the work domain isn't available then it wont log in.

Depending how it was done and you changed our account to join another domain then that will wipe out the original account.

During all the changing your login account may have been corrupted. There's this little bug in XP that seems to enjoy dumping profiles for no reason. I was able to correct this by resetting the admin password, then used system restore.

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by BFilmFan In reply to locked out of computer - ...

Take the system to the IT person.

Have him login as the ADministrator account and reset your password on both the DOMAIN and the LOCAL system.

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by statykserver In reply to locked out of computer - ...

You will have to be on that domain and make the following change. In windows explorer go to tools, folder options, offline files (tab) and enable offline files. Then when you leave that domain site you will still be able to login to the system using the same login credentials even when not connected. Make sure you can change ip settings when connected to the domain otherwise you won't be able to change them when not connected. We have 5 laptops here that operate this way with no problems.

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by OTL In reply to locked out of computer - ...

Leave PC not connected to network, start it up and logon to the pc only ! If you can do this then the network logon is the problem and the password needs to be reset. All changes to your PC/profile are invalid !

If you can log on to your pc, plug into the LAN/WAN and you should be on-line, if not it is a network problem and contact your (home) local network administrator.

Cheat and make them do their job.

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