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Locked supervisor password: Thinkpad T40

By grze11 ·
My wife locked a T40 with a bios supervisor password and forgot it. Anyone has na idea how to clear it?

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by In reply to Locked supervisor passwor ...


Bad news on this one. By design, there is no way for a user to reset the BIOS Supervisor password (of course, anything can be hacked, but I don't know of any such hack for the ThinkPad T40). Only IBM can do this. You must return the machine to them and pay a fee. You also need to provide proof of ownership so they don't become party to laptop theft.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Locked supervisor passwor ...

Hate to see you got the same reply here but that's what I had assumed. There are quite a few defaults for the IBM bios, as provided in the links I sent you but as I said, these have become few and far between since IBM started using EPROM security.

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by carlos.nino In reply to Locked supervisor passwor ...

There might be a chance. Try following the instructions from this site:

Good luck!!!

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by hometreasures In reply to Locked supervisor passwor ...

any body can help me with my ibm t40 i lost the bios password please help me

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by alidabiri1 In reply to

you can check this professional site for password recovery and removal:

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Reported this because ...

by Bizzo In reply to

You're waking threads that are years old, and we don't want people here looking for password removal tools or asking for password cracks.

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IBM Thinkpad password cracking

by andy.chen.oo In reply to Locked supervisor passwor ...

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IBM Thinkpad password Removal

by andy.chen.oo In reply to Locked supervisor passwor ...

Please call 416-518-6889 for this service within Canada.

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