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    Locking a computer


    by p_val ·

    Hi all!
    I?m trying to put a PC in an open zone where people can only run one application. I?ve used GPO to hide drives and stuf like these but someone allways gets a way to close that app, create icons, try to open programs, etc…

    What can i do to make a PC boot, load a user profile, start that program and prevent “show desktop”, start any programs, viewing any drives.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you

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      by robwaybro ·

      In reply to Locking a computer

      A little more info is needed to give a complete answer especially what OS, what application are you trying to restrict, but..

      If this is windows, there are numerous third party applications that can be used just for this, Deep Freeze, Fortress, etc. I imagine something with group policies can also be done, but I don’t have much experience with using those.

      If this is linux, you can get a bootable CD (knoppix is one good one). Since the CD is read only, re-boot and you are back to your configuration.

      hope this helps

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        more info

        by p_val ·

        In reply to Well….

        Thanks for your answer, i?ll have to try those software?s. The PC is WinXP Prof and the app is a costum build (VB).
        The ideia is disable control+alt+del in a way that it could only be posible to use that app and never see even the desktop!

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