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    Locking PCs Using MMC


    by lord_muffin ·

    I am trying to lock down a PC using MMC in Windows 2000 Pro. The PC is stand alone and has several accounts. I need to make one of the accounts secure so that no one changes any of the settings. When I lock down this account the whole PC becomes locked down. How can I set it up so that the MMC setings stay with the user account and not with the local PC?

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      by jeaster ·

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      Make the other (non locked down) accounts members of a seperate user group, and do not apply the local group policy (lockdown) to that group.

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      Reply To: Locking PCs Using MMC

      by beermonster ·

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      Although this article specifies admins, I don’t see why it won’t work with a standard user, check out –;en-us;293655

      remove any spaces from that url.

      Despite publishing that article, MS subsequently released another which states

      “You cannot configure Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to process different policies for different local users based on group membership. This is possible using only Active Directory Group Policy Objects – Multiple local group policy objects are not supported in Microsoft Windows 2000”

      That article suggests using NT4 style .POL files on the machine, and provides a link to

      remove any spaces from that url

      The above is a link to a whitepaper on NT4 style policies, which would probably be teh way to go if the first article doesn’t work for you…

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