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Locking the Desktop in Win98

By khamelinck ·
I have users set up but need to be able to lock the desktop without using a screen saver in Win98 (screen saver interferes with application running.)

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How to lock Windows desktop

by dstoner In reply to Locking the Desktop in Wi ...

Two good ways to lock down and manage the Windows desktop are WinU and Full Control, check out for more info. WinU has a simplified replacement user interface that is good for public access computers or novice users. Full Control manages the use oof the regular Windows interface. Both handle user security, but actually they are a lot more than just desktop lockdown, on the website they list "computer security, access control, file protection, user oversight, remote system administration and policy management, and feature activity audit trail logging, IT asset audit reports, desktop lockdown, mobile security, web browser monitor, system usage authorization, software distribution, troubleshooting, and helpdesk support."

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Type of Security needed?

by Saruman Wyse In reply to How to lock Windows deskt ...

How to lock out a system depends heavily on how much security you need. I have a few clients with small office systems that just need a basic program to prevent casual access from visitors to the office. Using special key disabling, or a passworded simulation of the desktop works for them.

I have another client office that needs security from casual visitors as well as internal blocking of certain access. We used the same programs as above and minor policy issues to do the job.

It really does depend on what type of security you need. The best place to start is to make a list and discover what things can be secured, which should be secured, and which could be secured, but are optional to the specific application/location.

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by christianmariano In reply to Locking the Desktop in Wi ...

I recommend using Fortress 101.
It allows you to block or control access to local hard drive, files and directories. You can lock shells and icons from the desktop, including my computer, the start menu, network neighborhood. Fortres allows you to give access to users of the application(s) you only whant them to use... You can even prevent them from saving or downloading to the hard-drive.

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by dygra In reply to Fortres

I am the IT administrator for a local library. We have Fortres installed on some of our public access internet computers.

There was a message on a GroupWise listserve, saying that in the current (Summer 2001) issue of 2600 Magazine there are instructions for cracking Fortres. Have you heard of this, and do you know what to do to prevent this from happening? The article is reportedly on page 41 of the magazine. I haven't seen 2600 on any newstands, and I've been unsuccessful in accessing the article on their website.

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