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By covertt ·
Every time i start my computer is will lock up on what ever the screen is. It only last for a few minutes befor it starts, so it makes it really hard to run any tests. I tryed to reinstall windows but only get a little into it befor it locks up again. Now im stuck and not sure what to do anyone have any ideas???

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by cmiller5400 In reply to LOCKING UP

Are all the fans working? Could be a heat issue... Have you tried booting to a CD such as UBCD or UBCD4WIN?

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by covertt In reply to Are...

Yeah I have tryed to boot from cd instead of leting windows boot up but it will lock up again after a few secs, so I have to reboot the whole computer. I only tryed booting from cd with the windows installation disc.
And no matter how much time I give the computer unpluged it still locks up after a minute or two.

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Bad HD?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Yeah :(


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So ARE all of the fans running?

by Ron K. In reply to Yeah :(

Is there a lot of dust on the heatsinks or blocking the airflow?<br>
Could the heatsink on the CPU have been accidentally bumped breaking the heatsink seal to the CPU?

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Process of Elimination

by rkuhn In reply to LOCKING UP

Start taking everything out (video card, sound card, modem, NIC, memory, etc) one by one rebooting in between.

Did you try Safe Mode?

Resetting the BIOS back to manufacturer default?

Does the hard drive work in another PC as a secondary drive? If so, scanned for malware?

Just a few suggestions...

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Process of Elimination

by covertt In reply to Process of Elimination

I will start taking stuff out and rebooting to see how that works out, I tryed booting in safe mood and still locked up almost instantly. Also there is no dust and all the fans are working.

Also thanks everyone for all the help,

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