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LockUp or FREEZE

By mbertel ·
I have a user that whenever she leaves her machine on and does not use it for a few minutes it will lockup and the only way she can use the machine is reboot. I had her shut down the screen saver I also noticed she had an icon in her sys tray that apppeared to be a flashing camera once we got rid of the flashing camera icon another icon which looked the planet earth appeared. This icon represents some sort of program that will enable you have different wallpapers appear at randum one at a time. This might be the problem not really sure if someone has another idea or thought sure appreciate your input.
Thanks Markus R Bertel

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LockUp or Freeze

by mbertel In reply to LockUp or FREEZE

Sorry for the confusion. The system that has thins problems is a dell optiplex GX1 and the OS is Win 95. Thanks Markus R Bertel

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to LockUp or Freeze

I have been used the same system with same OS and without your problems. Check following:

1. Questions about screensaver. Is this a factory-installed one? Try to disable it and check PC for viruses (for example

2. Give additionalinformation about the screensaver: manufacturer, version and license policy (shareware, freeware and so on).

3. Is this Win95 a factory-installed OS? If isn't, then try to use Win95 which is shipped with the PC. Use original device drivers too.

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Ok here's the option and solution

by Rocko Da Pimp In reply to LockUp or Freeze

I'm a PC tech for GE/GXS. Responsible for 135 Dell Optiplex GX1 machines so answering your question is right up my ally.

First off lets Diagnose.
1:Disable ALL screen savers and monitor energy saving utilities.
A)Right click anywhere on your desktop but not on a Icon or Task Management Bar.
B)A drop down window will appear, at the bottom of it, choose "Properties".
c)Click on "screen Savers" tab and choose "None" for screen savers. There should be a "Radio" button for saying "Settings" on the same tab, Hit that then make sure your energy settings are set to "none" for all three.

Ok, now we can run "Scan Disk" Reason: usually when a system hangs up is due to many reasons, I.e. Bad memory, few resources, bad hard dive or harddrive shut down due to energy saver and etc.
Since we shut down all energy savers, we eliminated 1 of the many solutions. So lets run Scan disk (Thorough Scan Option). At the end of this I will also send you the Web Address to the Dell site.
Afterscandisk is down, lets un-install the Non-Windows screen savers.
1. Double Click on "My Computer"
2. Double Click on "Control Panel"
3. Double Click on "Add/Remove Programs"
Look in the list for the screen saver program name. Doubleclick on it to un-install.

NOTE: Due to Max Length being 1930 in character typing, I will have to Continue this discussion.

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Part 2 To Options and Solutions

by Rocko Da Pimp In reply to Ok here's the option and ...

Being that you have an Optiplex you should have a Maxtor Hard Dive.
Dell makes a Utility Disk to test this Hard Drive and others not mentioned. You can download this Utility and it fits on 1 Floppy Disk.

Cont: After "un-installing the non-windows screen savers, lets run Regclean". You may not have this executible in Win95 but you can download it at:

Copy this URL and download the Regclean to your hard drive and run it.
After that is down, we will run the Disk Utility I am about to place here via URL. The file you want to download load is the Hddct.exe (Dell Diagnostic Utitility)

This will diagnose your Hard Drive.
Note: This is done as a Bootup. When you place this file on a disk, you must boot with it. Then run the hddct.exe, at the command prompt (A:\) it will then begin to checkyour Hard Drive.
Type at command prompt:
A:\hddct.exe (hit enter key)

Once these solutions are met and the problem is still evident, we will then check your resources. (Memory Leak), (Lack of Memory), or (Bad Memory). All three do come into play when it comes to "Lock ups" and "Freezes".

If you have any questions, Please fell free to contact me at
813-288-4461 or Email

I will be more than happy to walk you through it.

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Screensavre - in BIOS

by TronE In reply to LockUp or FREEZE

If this happens after a fixed interval, try to disable APM in BIOS.

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Screensaver - in BIOS

by TronE In reply to LockUp or FREEZE

If this happens after a fixed interval, try to disable APM in BIOS.

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It seems a memory problem

by target32 In reply to LockUp or FREEZE

I had the same problem and after doing memory testing routines I found a bad address where the data get lost. Try to change the memory. I am 90% sure that this is the problem.

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Unlok the 'lock up'

by Kareem In reply to LockUp or FREEZE

That flashing camera icon in the sys tray is a screen saver program called webshots. So you are correct about the screen saver bit. What OS is she using 98/NT and how much RAM and disk space is available? These things you will have to check. Also check the graphics in your systems properties and make adjustments.

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by ttownsell In reply to LockUp or FREEZE

I think by the icons you're describing your user has webshots installed. This is a program that enables the screensavers you're talking about. You can download screensavers from with this program. I'm a technician for a company with about 3 or 4 hundred workstations and I come across problems with webshots quite often. Most computers it seems to run fine on, but others it will lock up. It's probably something else combined with the program that causes it, but if you uninstall webshots it will probably make the locking up go away.

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by TWBLIGHTER In reply to webshots


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