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    Log file on ICS connection on windows XP


    by tilsonkephas ·

    I just setup a very simple LAN to share one dial-up line for all 50 computers which connected to our LAN. In this LAN, there is one enabled computer running Windows XP which has the ICS (internet connection sharing).

    The question is, Is there such a log file that holds the record of activities perform by each client? I mean, what time they connected to www, where are they visiting etc?

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      Log file on ICS connection on windows XP

      by pesk, mbcs, mcse, mcitp, sts ·

      In reply to Log file on ICS connection on windows XP

      So far, the only best way to do this would be by using the ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) security log.
      By default, ICF silently discards all undesired incoming traffic. To see a record of its activity, you can enable security logging.
      Open the Advanced tab of the network connection’s properties and click Settings.
      Click Security Logging to bring up the logging options. To see messages about discarded traffic, check “Log dropped packets”. On a cable modem connection, it’s common to see several dozen of these messages every day.
      To see messages about permitted traffic, check “Log successful connections”. Selecting this option can cause the log file to grow very large very quickly. To limit its size, enter a number in the Size limit box.
      By default, the security log is written to file [pfirewall.log] in the Windows folder. To change the file name, enter a new name in the Name box, or click the Browse button and browse to the new file.

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