Log into users account without their password?

By justinm001 ·
I'm wondering if theres anyway I can logon to another users account without actually having their password. I'm the administrator of the domain and everything and have most users passwords but since my Group Policy has the password changing every 90 days I don't keep track of them. I don't want to keep asking the users as 90% i work remotely and don't want them getting into the habit of telling people their passwords over email. I work with mainly retired people who come back to work and its a lot easier to change settings on their profile to makesure they don't get any pop-ups or anything.

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Bad Policy followed at your end.

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Log into users account wi ...

We have the same policy in our oganization where I am also the administrator, all implemented through Group Policy as you say.
But it is a bad precedent for an adminsitrator to remember all users password.
Administrator need not know the uesrs' passowrds. Actually it should not be the case.
Even without that you can fully control you Domain, which I am doing here without any difficulties or problems or hinderances.
You have formulate policies regarding everything even passowrd changes in such a way that you don't have remember all uesrs' passowrds and even then you can do everything you mention.

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simple user viewable things

by justinm001 In reply to Bad Policy followed at yo ...

I would use this mainly for simple tasks that really affect older endusers. things like desktop icon locations and user background.

Sure I can easily put shortcuts on their desktop but I can't easily put a special shortcut in the middle of their screen like I could if I was on their name. The reason I wanted it lastnight is because a client needed project installed on their new workstation and I can't open the file so it'll automatically open it for them when their on it.

Is there anyway I can view their login as they see it?

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As Stated

by IC-IT In reply to simple user viewable thin ...

That is a lousy policy to know the passwords of the users.
Why not change their password, logon, fix their Desktop, and leave a note.

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good point

by justinm001 In reply to As Stated

Problem is that 90% i'm doing this remotely so i'm not actually at the office. I guess I could give a new password to their assistant but that could get complicated.

I guess im just surprised that I can't use the admin username to get into their account. I can do it with exchange owa without any problems.

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