log on delay

By mtbkrbull ·
I have been dealing w/ (read ignoring) a logon problem w/ domains. the client computers take 5-10 minutes to log on. any suggestions? server is win2003 server standard. clients are win xp and win 7.

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RE: any suggestions?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to log on delay

A DHCP error on the network is the most likely but really it could be just about anything.

How long is it since the server has been restarted?


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any suggestions?

by mtbkrbull In reply to RE: [i]any suggestions?

within the past week i wiped the server and installed win server 2k3 standard. I have DHCP turned off on the router and server and clients. I use atatic IPs. once logged on the clients will occasionally "lose" connection w/ the server if left idle.

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check the NIC to ensure that power saving isn't turning off the NIC

by CG IT In reply to any suggestions?
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Re Log on delay

by prrethish In reply to any suggestions?

I mostly because of dhcp server setting problem
Restart dhcp service in the server

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by scndtnr In reply to log on delay

In my experience, almost all "slow logon" problems are caused by improper DNS settings. Since you're using static ip addresses, make sure the client NIC settings have the server's ip address in the DNS field (this presumes that DNS is installed on the server), and on the server, use for its own NIC DNS settings.

If something else is the DNS server (like a router), make sure the clients AND the server all point their DNS to that device's address.

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This happens with every pc?

by rjluvkc In reply to log on delay

If so, I would suggest taking a look at your default domain policy..make there isnt a problem with any login scripts, msi installations etc.. It appears to be an issue with your DC. Remove a pc from your domain and see if your login time goes back to normal.

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