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Log on problem

By byteside ·
I have a computer I log in and the desktop will show up for about 30 seconds and it will automaticly log me off. Only one user to log on and same thing happens when logging in as administrator and in safe mode. How do I fix this. Ran Norton prier to this happening and it remove 27 possible problem files (spyware).

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by LMon In reply to Log on problem

Sounds like you have the virus. When you login go to start and run and type shutdown -a hit enter. then try doing an update with nortons that way you get the latest update they have. Once you run that I would also run spybot and adaware also. before you start running the scanners make sure that you trun off system restore. Once you run that try restarting the system. Hopefully your system will be back to normal once again. If it goes back to normal remember to turn on system restore.

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by otrebor93 In reply to Log on problem

Hi man,
the same thing happened to a friend of mine, and it was definetly a virus, but I couldn't tell you what kind of virus.
He had to reformat, and reinstall everithing.
Try running only the best anti spy, trojan software, and always be aware of letting the anti virus software, delite files, you are not sure about.
Better put them in quarantine, and make a copy of your register file, wheneverithing is working properly.
For what it is worth, invest in a good anti virus system, and update as frewuently as you can.

I know how infuriating these problems are.
Good luck, Seth

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by dustyD In reply to Log on problem

Sounds like Norton (what Norton?) removed something by mistake. Your best option is to see if you can restore one at at time the files that it removed, checking after each to see if your problem goes away. Hopefully you have this option. I don't use Norton for spyware removal, but Adaware lets me go to a list of quarantined files in case of something like this.
If you're not sure how to proceed, check Help documentation or their website for help.

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by byteside In reply to Log on problem

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