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By simonzielonka ·
I have two Gateway routers, connected to each other by gateway-gateway VPN. This connection is stable, and I can ping each router from the two sites.

The problem I have is that I have a domain controller (SBS 2003) on the main network (, and I am trying to connect the remote PC's ( to the domain controller on When I try to join the remote PC's to the domain, the domain controller cannot be seen (even though I can ping the server OK)

Router 1 (Main)
Local IP

Router 2 (Remote)
Local IP

I can ping all devices on the main network from the remote network (and vice versa). What am I missing to be able to join the remote PC's to the Domain on the main network.

Any help on this is appreciated.

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by Churdoo In reply to Log on to SBS 2003 over V ...

The only thing you're missing is the DNS setting. On your remote site computers, you want to set their first DNS to the IP of the SBS box Once you do this, you should get the administrator credentials challenge and then "Welcome to the XXXXXXX Domain"

Since these sites are VPN connected, I would put the SBS box as the first DNS, and then the remote site's ISP DNS resolver(s) as their second, etc. In this case, if the VPN tunnel goes down (assuming not an internet problem at the remote site), the remote site will at least be able to browse internet until the tunnel comes back up, at which point full network functionality will resume.

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by CG IT In reply to Log on to SBS 2003 over V ...

the vpn connection is between perimeter gateways. It's not between the SBS box and clients. If the gateway on the receiving end does not provide remote clients with a local address, your still on different subnets.

SBS is a domain, therefore is a security boundry.

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