logged in as admin,but cant access any of my files!help!

By Dee1986 ·
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i logged in my computer by using my password as i normally do. However, i don't see alof of my programs, just a few like steam, virus scanner, etc. i looked at my hard drive and its still pretty full looking like everything is still on my computer. i even looked to see if the rest of my programs are still installed, still there.

i go to documentions, nothing, videos, nothing. im logged out of everything. youtube, amazon, etc.its like im in a guess account or all my files are hidden,but im logged in as the admin.

can someone help? im on windows 7 btw.

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Try this

by jessewalter375 In reply to logged in as admin,but ca ...

Go to :-
Control Panel > System and Security > Change User Account Control Settings

You'll get a popup... read!

Pull the slider all the way to the bottom... do what you need to do (i.e. install/change/remove files) ... put the slider back to the setting YOU want (that is, IF YOU WANT to).

Hope that works, it did for me.

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cant access any of my files

by amsuccessconnection In reply to logged in as admin,but ca ...

Take the matter into your hands and fix this Windows 10 error by taking handy fixes that will help keep your PC in pristine condition at all times. Now log off of your account and switch to the newly enabled Administrator account. From there you should be able to access your files without any problems.

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