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Loggin on to different networks

By julian.bester@astconnect ·
I have been charged with setting up a Windows 2003 network, which in itself is not an issue. I have 15 workstations (2000 or XP) which currently log on to an entirely different network, but must be used to log onto the 'new' network. Neither the two networks should meet!! (don't ask me why, I steer clear of politics!). My inital thought would be to add an additional network adaptor to each pc, and then the user will have the option to logon to whichever domain they wish. My problem is how do I go about this? Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

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And the twain shall nto meet

by BFilmFan In reply to Loggin on to different ne ...

The 2 networks will meet at each of those workstations with the 2 NIC's.

If the 2 networks have to be physically isolated, then the users will need 2 systems on their desk.

If the other network is a Windows NT 4 network, you have another issue as each worstation can only be a member of 1 domain.

Really need more information about what the environment you have and why the 2 networks cannot be linked.

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by toddp In reply to Loggin on to different ne ...

We use a program called Multi Network Manager which allows a Windows NT/2000/XP PC to connect to different domains. Took a little time setting up, but was worth it and our engineer who has to log onto a different client's domain has no complaints.

Todd Poirier
Systems Analyst
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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