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Logging ADSL traffic

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After two years standing alone, I have connected my favorite PC to ADSL.

My firewall offers logging. But this is only after I have booted, logged in, and started to administer the wall.

I know there is traffic during the moment before that.

Some of it is the fire wall and AV updating.

Some of it is M$ spyware.

But I don't know what the rest is.

All software is legitmate

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Logging ADSL traffic

Depends what you have installed and running here. Word like to call home and tell Mommy a lot of stuff at every opportunity so quite a lot of the traffic can be from there. Also if you are using any Instant Messaging programs they will consume some bandwidth.

Generally speaking your AV Software will look for updates Windows Auto Update will also look some of the DVD Burning software available will look for new updates and that's about it provided you are not using something like Windows Instant Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.

If you are at all concerned all you need do is drop out the phone line from the ADSL Modem until you have the system up & running and then plug in the phone line so you can monitor what's happening.


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by local support In reply to

useful, found 3 unsolicited ip.
have complained about abuse

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by Jim Babay In reply to Logging ADSL traffic

Try finding a free (or paid) firewall program that starts logging automatically. I used to use Sygate (which has been aquired & dropped by Symantec) which logged automatically. I can't say though that I ever verified that it caught everything at start-up though. Good Luck.

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by local support In reply to

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by local support In reply to Logging ADSL traffic

It is beneficial if I can resolve as many of the addresses as possible by automatic methods.
the others I would have to look up manually by different 'all-who-is' sites.

It is good if I can get DNS names.

This questin will be open for a week, after that you guys will have my full thanks and tech points.

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by local support In reply to Logging ADSL traffic

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by local support In reply to Logging ADSL traffic

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