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Logging IE 5.0

By robotlab ·
Is there any way to effectively log websites visited and record the data to a log.
I have a friend who is concerned about sites his daughter visits. In particular he wants to know who she chats with. From what he has described, I am pretty sure she makes use of Java script chats and does not use a particular client.

I am sure that I can manipulate keys in the registry, however: I am not familiar enough with Win 98's registry to do it. Also the PC I screwed up would not be my own, should I make a mistake.

Gerry Hartman

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No Registry Tweak

by eBob In reply to Logging IE 5.0

Your friend will need to install some sort of software to do this. McAfee Guard Dog is an example. This is also available in McAfee Office Suite. I believe Norton and other companies have similar products. Check the product reviews at ZDNet and C|Net, and study the providers' websites to pick the right ool for the job.

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Yes, this will work, but

by admin In reply to No Registry Tweak

Just remember there is a human factor in this too. When a young girl loses her basic security and trust with her parent(s), will she, her parent(s), or you be in a better place?

Could a more positive situation be developed? Will your friendship with her parent(s) eventually collapse when they later work hard to repair the damage done through this act and you become a convenient scapegoat?

I would really think twice about what you are attempting here.

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Re: Human Factor

by robotlab In reply to Yes, this will work, but

I agree with you. Privacy is a big concern.
I am looking for the easiest way for all concerned.
My friend is only concerned because he wants to know who she chats with, not specifically what is being said.

Thanks for your opinion.


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Here's how I handle it

by eBob In reply to Re: Human Factor

Me: So whatcha been doin?
My Kid: Nothin.
Me: Nothing?
My Kid: Nope, nothin.
Me: Been on the 'Net?
My Kid: Yup.
Me: So whatcha been doin?
My Kid: Nothin.
Me: Where ya been?
My Kid: Around.
Me: So whatcha been doin?
My Kid: Nothin.
Me: ...

And so on. But eventually I get a story from either of them and I either have to accept it (maybe even believe it - a different thing), or not. If I don't accept it, I can choose to grill them (my usual choice) or spy on them.

So far, I have not elected to spy on them. I suppose my boy is starting to get into areas that would turn his mother pre-maturely grey, but it's likelyu that it is "mostly harmless". He's a kid with pretty good judgement, and licky for me, he's also a kid with absolutely NO POKER FACE. So I can usually tell when he's got something to hide.

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Re: No Reg Tweak

by robotlab In reply to No Registry Tweak

I suspected it may take third party software to accomplish this. Thanks for the info.


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Spector will do exactly what you want

by TomSal In reply to Logging IE 5.0

A product from a company called SpectorSoft will monitor EVERYTHING on the computer - whether it be someone typing a document on Word or someone surfing the 'net (or chatting).

It has an easy to use interface that you bring up with a "special" key combination that you can assign yourself - otherwise its totally hidden and undetectable from the user (even a search with the Windows "find" feature won't obviously reveal the programs existence).

What it does is take screen shots on set intervals of what is going on at any given time. You can set the intervals and pick how to set the image resolution, if you want it color or b & w, high res, low res etc.

The neatest thing about this program is that's its slick and sneaky. Don't get me wrong if you use on someone that is an IT professional, hacker, etc. they could thwart it.

But for "average users" - they won't have a clue they are being monitored.

The down side?

Its pricey if you ask me....$69.95.

But anyway, you'll find out all you need to know (and ordering info) at


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