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    by frnt9 ·

    I have set up a new XP machine for a current user. She currently has a 2000 machine I need to log onto to retrieve .pst files and a couple programs that are user specific. The problem I’m having is 2000 machine won’t accept logon & password for anyone! Did I do something wrong when setting up the new machine? Please advise, thank you.

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      by jayeliz ·

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      First- was the 2000 computer connected to a domain. If it was, make sure it is physically connected to the network when logging on for validation. Next, was the computer on a domain and then deleted from the domain which now has no way of being authenticated by the domain..then logon to the local computer instead of the domain.

      If none of these are applicable, then just take the hard drive out and slave it to another computer and get your information that way. (Make sure file systems or compatible).

      Hope this helps

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      by frnt9 ·

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