Logging into Multiple servers with XP Pro

By r.reich ·
I've got a computer I'm trying to get to log into multiple local servers. The computer is part of a local workgroup (which I can see fine). I have copied all the IP address from the old computer to the new one and have been able to see 2 servers but unable to see the others. By having access to 2 I know the cable/NICs are working properly but I'm unsure why I can't get to the other servers.

I also cannot access the net with any of the workgroup computers that have static IP's. Any suggestions what could be causing this?

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Have you...

by tmalo627 In reply to Logging into Multiple ser ...

done any type of troubleshooting yet? Pinging the servers to make sure there is communication? Checking firewall settings? Checking workgroup names? Checking running services on the client computers?

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by r.reich In reply to Have you...

All the other computers on the workgroup are fine. They are able to access the servers and can even see the new computer I've setup. Since the other workgroup computers can see the new computer and it can see them I don't think it's a firewall/switch issue.

I've deleted and reinstalled new NIC drivers as well just to make sure they were ok. Device manager shows no unrecognized hardware issues.

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Network issue

by Nimmo In reply to Logging into Multiple ser ...

First up you're probably best to have your workstations getting dynamic addresses rather than hard coding them.

You say you can see two servers but not any other machine on the network. Can the two servers you can see on the network communicate with the other machines?

If you don't want to swap the workstations over to dynamic addresses then check and compare, the IP settings on the server, the XP machine that can see the servers but nothing else, and one of the other workstations that isn't having any issues.

(Take note of the subnet and DNS servers in particular, the gateway should also be the same but since it is a local issue the gateway wouldn't be causing this particular problem)

I don't think you have a firewall issue since you can see some of the machines on the network already, to me it sounds like your TCP/IP addressing is incorrect.

You best bet is to enable the workstations to receive DHCP do a ipconfig /flushdns, then do a net view and see if the rest of the machines show up on the network.

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by r.reich In reply to Network issue

The servers are vendors and they don't want DHCP on their end hence the reason for the static IPs. I did find one IP I had transposed the number but everything else is the same. I've even set both up beside each other to make sure. I can ping and release and renew the IPs w/o problem. I can see the other workgroup computers but still get stuck with only 2 servers.

I'll try the dns flush and see what happens. Thanks for your help!

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