Logging on to server creates duplicate user profiles in Documents and Settings

By skilltech ·
Windows Server 2003.
I am having a problem with the creation of new user profiles when logging in remotely to a terminal server. The new user profile gets added under Documents & Settings as username.domainname.

Deleting the new profile does not allow the original profile to be reverted to. Went logging on to the server again, it creates another new user profile.

Nothing was changed in the Active Directory or security settings.

How do I get the original profile to be used?

If found what I was looking for here:
However, this fix didin'twork. The user profile folder security was already set to Full Control. I changed the registry ProfileImagePath from \username.domain to \username but after logging out and logging back in, a new user profile is still being created. It won't access the original profile. Any ideas?

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How are you creating the users

by IC-IT In reply to Logging on to server crea ...

If you only create them as a local user, than yes the accounts are different and it has to create a new account.
If you created them only in AD, then there should only be the one account. Unless the profile becomes corrupted (or the hard drive).

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I solved it myself

by skilltech In reply to Logging on to server crea ...

I found that the NTUSER.DAT file was missing from the documents & settings user folder. I don't know where it went, but I was able to get a copy of the file from a backup. I put the file back in it's rightful place, redid the registry edit to restore the original user profile.

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