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Logging onto 2000 domain with Windows 98

By Superu ·
I have a problem with Windows 98 clients logging into a Windows 2000 domain. What happens is this:

The user turns on their PC / Laptop and get the sign on screen, they enter their user id and password but when they click ok they get the following message

'The network could not validate your username'

If they wait five minutes at this sign on screen, then enter their password and click ok again the PC / Laptop signs on straight away.

I have made sure the AD client is loaded, IP and DNS are correctly configured, there are no protocols other than IP bound to the NIC, name resolution works, the PC name is in the domain and also an LMHOST file pointing to the PDC Emulator makes no difference.

This happens on multiple machines at sites which are remote to the master domain controller but which have a DC at the local site.

Has anyone had or seen this problem before? I have a feeling its Netbios related and something to do with Windows 98 not being quick enough to initialise its protocols but I cannot track it down. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Logging onto 2000 domain with Windows 98

by timwalsh In reply to Logging onto 2000 domain ...

Where is our AD Global Catalog (GC) server? A GC server is necessary to accomplich user authentication. Symptoms such as you describe usually occur when the GC is located on the other side of a slow WAN/LAN link. It doesn't matter if there is a local DC if it isn't also a GC. Microsoft recommends placing a GC at each site if sites are connectied via slow links.

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Logging onto 2000 domain with Windows 98

by Superu In reply to Logging onto 2000 domain ...

Hi Tim, thanks for that, the GC's are also located at each site on the site DC's. Any other ideas at all would be welcome.



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