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    Logging onto Domain error


    by shawkengin ·

    When the clients log onto the domain an error no domain controller is available displays, but all the domain resources are available. On the Domain, EventV, error: The Server service was unable to map error code 1240. There are no abnormal behavior from the Server at all. All seem to be working fine. Any thoughts?
    NT4.0 Server SP5..


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      Logging onto Domain error

      by tchieng ·

      In reply to Logging onto Domain error

      I had a similiar situation where there are two Primary Domain Controllers (NT2000 and Pathworks 6.2B). One of the PDC (PW) is permitted to trust the other (NT) and the trust relationship is broken or no longer exists. Logging onto the DC (PW) that trusts the other DC (NT) brings up this error. To fix it, I just rebooted the PW server.

      Your case might be different… I don’t know.

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      Logging onto Domain error

      by trurod70 ·

      In reply to Logging onto Domain error

      It sounds as if you have a shared folder mapped in your login script that is faulty. Look at your loging script.
      As far as the clients logging into the server you can go into the network neighborhood properties and make sure you dont have any spaces or periods entries for computer name, workgroup, and computer description.

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      Logging onto Domain error

      by guy ·

      In reply to Logging onto Domain error

      One of the under used commands is NET HELPMSG so go to the command prompt and try it NET HELPMSG 1240. It indicates that the user cannot logon FROM THAT WORKSTATION, so try User Manger for Domains on the server, check double click the user, and check the Buttons at the bottom, I think its the Computer Button to check where they are restricted from logging on.

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      Logging onto Domain error

      by jesalyer ·

      In reply to Logging onto Domain error

      Thought: Is it possible that the domain resources are also available as workgroup resources?

      That would mean that you have a glorified password problem, but that the resources you’re trying to restrict to domain are still available.

      For SP3, there was a known issue where error code 1240 indicated a pw issue for authenticating on a non NT domain with a NONENCRYPTED PW. So I’m thinking pw issue.

      Problem is, its caused by an underlying connection or transport problem.

      Check the domain configuration of your PDC.
      If the clients can see each other and the server via workgroup, the PDC has to be misconfigured somehow.

      jeff s
      spanish helpdesk technician

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