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    Login (create) domain user over VPN in Windows 7


    by ann0yed ·

    This is “quick” in XP: setup the VPN, then reboot/logoff and check the “login using dialup networking” check box after typing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Select the VPN. Login (1st time creates the “user.domain” user account). Done.

    How do I do the equivalent on the Windows 7 platform?

    The VPN itself is setup.
    After boot, the user IDs appear. [Web info says join the domain, then a Network icon will appear to the left of the power icon, bottom right of screen. catch 22: the domain is in Ohio, computer in California. Must use VPN to join and there’s no “login using dialup networking” or equivalent checkbox.
    Parenthetically, I consider this pathetic. The third generation of the OS since XP and this isn’t handled automatically. Procedure 1: using “computer properties”, join domain (as contrasted with workgroup), after login fails, offer to connect/join using VPN. Or, create a user.domain user ID. Upon logging in, system detects domain name and when RJ45 fails, offers to use VPN if setup. If you get I’m “annoyed” you got it right!

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