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Login failure due to profile

By hsnowden ·
Hello,I am receiving an error message that says "unable to load profile" when I attempt to logon via a particular name in my domain.According to the user,he didn't do anything differently.On other machines,I can gain access to the network,however,things are slow,and he can't access things he normally has permissions for.I am at a loss.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rennard Snowden
Datacom Telecommunications

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Login failure due to profile

by ewgny In reply to Login failure due to prof ...

It sounds like he has a corrupted profile. It could have gotten corrupted for many reasons. To large - improper shutdown etc. I am assuming it is a roaming profile ? He is probably able to log on to other computers because they have a local stored version of his profile, and the one he can't log on to is the one where the profile became corrupted. I would suggest, trying to restore profile from a known good backup or deleting his profile and and locally cached copies on other workstations, his profile will then be recreated on the subsequent logon. Save a copy of his old profile so you have something to pick through to give back to him, like his favorites etc.

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